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Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding is a becoming a popular way to raise funds for any project, new idea, and business yet many still do not know how crowdfunding works.  This seminar covers the following: 

  • what is crowdfunding
  • how it can help you or your organisation
  • The 3 key areas to focus on before launching your campaign

Here are the links to which you can listed to the most recent webinar.  You can also listen to the Audio Only version. 


Crowdfunding: It Starts with the Story

Crowd funding is the fastest growing form of e-commerce on the planet with the industry on its way to raising $34.4 billion.  Despite the growth, the global average success rate for crowdfunding campaigns was around 50% (2012).  Of roughly 60,000 unsuccessful projects, nearly 40,000 failed to reach even 20 percent of their goal (Kickstarter).

So why such a low success rate on average?  How can you get your campaign to meet its goal?  This seminar will go over the key points to a successful crowdfunding campaign with a focus on ‘how to’ create a compelling story to attract attention.


Alternative Funding Strategies for Not-For-Profits

Not-for-profits are being challenged to remain financially sustainable despite funding cuts and increased competition to secure sponsorships and members.  NFPs should consider crowdfunding and other alternative fundraising activities as part of one's annual strategic plan. For example, NFP organisations can use crowdfunding to attract sponsorship, produce events, and market test new initiatives (to name a few).  This seminar highlights a variety of no-cost / low-cost strategies, including crowdfunding, that you can implement into your organisation immediately.

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