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Inaugural Crowdfunding Boot Camp Launched in Canberra

The Inaugural Crowdfunding Boot Camp was held in Canberra from Friday 16th October to Sunday the 18th of October at Wotso Workspaces, Dickson.  The event covered all the key aspects needed to create and launch a crowdfunding campaign including the target audience, the 'story', the reward structure, funding targets, and the marketing strategies to use in promoting your program. 


Dr Dion Klein


Dr Dion Klein


Dr Dion Klein

Here is what people thought about the Boot Camp …

Great value from each of the presenters; subject matter experts and a smorgasbord of relevant giveaways.  So greatly appreciate the integrity of all presenters. Thank you Dion. ~ GA, Fadden, ACT

The Crowdfunding Boot Camp was a great experience to kickstart a new crowdfunding project.  The presenters gave wonderful informative presentations, that answered any questions possible about crowdfunding. The information was delivered at the best rate and the 'workshopping' sections provided useful feedback.  ~ R. Leetham, Dreamstone Publishing

After 38 years in business the iPledg workshop just proves  there is still lots to continue to learn.  ~ Anton P., ACT

Thank you Dion for sharing your knowledge.  It has been very interesting and great to listen to your guest speakers and their advice.  It has been an awesome learning opportunity and to meet other bootcamp participants! ~ P.C., Queanbeyan

Dion, I really appreciate the knowledge, time, and wisdom that you shared regarding the strategies of crowdfunding as well as input from your team of supporters and guest speakers. ~ I. Cotter, Queanbeyan

A cause more worthy than a lot of other causes competing for donor dollars.  I loved it!  Herbert Field is now an ever bigger fan of Dr Dion!


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